Quality Assurance

CRICS-TRIGGERSEP network combines several research structures specialized on sepsis. Up to now, each structure has developed its own quality process based on its own documentation.
CRICS-TRIGGERSEP would like to harmonize already existing procedures and processes in the frame of a common approach of quality, vigilance and safety. This harmonization guarantees an active and high quality research network in sepsis field.


Setting up a global quality management system is essential to an optimized network management (clinical research project management, joined material and human resources...)
Quality assurance is managed by a certified Quality Manager. The Quality manager closely works with the network partners but also in collaboration with the F-CRIN quality assurance group.
Its aims at creating a shared standard management basis and harmonising practices at all networks and F-CRIN labialized platforms.

CRICS-TRIGGERSEP « Clinical Research in Intensive Care and Sepsis - TRIal Group for Global Evaluation and Research in SEPsis »

CIC1435 – CHU de Limoges

2 Avenue Martin Luther King – 87042 Limoges cedex - FRANCE
Contact : Anne CLAUZEL - Chef de projet - courriel - +33 2 18 37 08 99.