Why ?


To be at the heart of the scientific task force:

  • to identify new opportunities and to get involved in joint projects around sepsis
  • to to further strengthen your project thanks to the network support
  • to benefit from the advice of experts in various areas (methodology, immunology…)
  • to share experiences and ideas 
  • to enhance clinical research skills
  • to join other hospitals sharing the same aims and priorities while remaining independent


To be a major player in research activity:

  • to take part of a national and international dynamic which works towards on a personalized medicine in Sepsis
  • to engage as investigational center and/or principal investigator in innovative and promising clinical trials
  • to access and complement the network clinical database and biobank 
  • to access the trainings proposed by the network and its partnairs


To be assocated with the valuation activity:

  • to be refered as a network member and therefore to confirm  the quality of patient recruitment in your unit 
  • to value your involvement through publications and scientific communication in sepsis area
  • to develop your own networking opportunities and to create national and international partnerships


To get more information, please do not hesitate to us:  courriel


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