Mission Statement

Although research on Sepsis (organ dysfonction that is life threatening and caused by an inappropriate host response to an infection) seems promising in vitro and on animal testing, it has not permitted the identification of a specific treatment, apart from the anti-infective treatment and treatment with hydrocortisone plus fludrocortisone in case of shock. The CRICS-TRIGGERSEP network gathers a multi-disciplinary team of reputed international experts. They are united for new therapeutic approaches to emerge from Sepsis.


The CRICS-TRIGGERSEP network aims at developing a research program whose ambition is to develop personalized medical treatments for Sepsis.



 Understanding Sepsis through an individualized approach

University and industrial searchers have worked on the development of immunomodulator treatment of Sepsis for thirty years but have not ended up with identifying a therapeutic approach specific to Sepsis.  So as to understand the reasons of these failures and to better target the objectives of the upcoming clinical tests, the network is working on the constitution of a database which would collect individual data from several university and industrial studies from the last twenty years.


This database could be connected with a biobank. The network will then be able to describe the different phenotypes of Sepsis and potential links between clinical and biological phenotypes and genotypes. The connection of the database and the biobank will allow looking for new markers in case of theradiagnotics approaches.



 Developing new therapeutic approaches on Sepsis.

The CRICS-TRIGGERSEP network offers the unique opportunity to university and industrial partners to test new treatments of Sepsis in a quick and efficient way:

  •     Recruiting patients for clinical units who correspond to the necessary qualitative criteria to meet the requirements of clinical research on Sepsis
  •   Using innovative methodological concepts and approaches for the design and analysis of data in order to define the best possible treatment for each patient.

In doing so, the CRICS-TRIGGERSEP network offers its members and partners a quality structure to innovate and improve the care of septic patients.


CRICS-TRIGGERSEP « Clinical Research in Intensive Care and Sepsis - TRIal Group for Global Evaluation and Research in SEPsis »