Network structure and organization

The CRICS-TRIGGERSEP network is organized around a coordination cell and a management board in connection with different working groups and the project management office. Each working group leader ensures the proper work plan implementation of its group and develops appropriate interactions with the other groups.




The experts 




 Djillali Annane, Coordinator   



 Bruno François, Co-Coordinator ; Leader of the WP2 "Investigation Support"



 Pierre-François Dequin, Leader of the WP1 "Clinical Investigation"



 Jean-Paul Mira, Leader of the WP3 "Scientific Board"



 Pierre-François Laterre, Leader of the WP4 "Europe"



 Sylvie Chevret, Biostatistics



 Jean-Daniel Chiche, Genomic Research



 Fabrice Chrétien, Neuro-Immunology and Histology



Guillaume Monneret, Immunology and Cytometry

Bruno Giraudeau, Methodology and Biosatistics

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