The TRIGGERSEP network is reorganizing itself to become the CRICS-TRIGGERSEP network

The TRIGGERSEP network is reorganizing itself to become the CRICS-TRIGGERSEP network


CRICS and TRIGGERSEP networks have decided to join forces to work together towards their common goal: to innovate to overcome sepsis.


The CRICS-TRIGGERSEP network aims to become the leading research network on sepsis at the national level and to be one of the 10 world leaders in this field.


In order to achieve this ambition, the CRICS-TRIGGERSEP network brings together forces in fundamental and translational research in the field of sepsis, notably on the mechanisms of host-pathogen interactions, covering the fields of immunology, metabolism and neurosciences, strengths in the field of biostatistics research, clinical trial methodology, and bigdata, and strengths in clinical investigation, both clinical investigation centers and care structure in health institution. These forces are recognized notably through university research laboratories labeled by INSERM or Institut Pasteur.


Sepsis is undoubtedly one of the most important public health problems in terms of incidence and morbi-mortality and o


ne of the least well known to the general public. Microbial resistance to anti-infectious agents has been placed at the forefront of the global political agenda. It is initially a consequence of an inadequate host-pathogen interaction and is an integral part of the problem posed by sepsis. It is therefore at the heart of the priorities of the CRICS-TRIGGERSEP network.



The CRICS-TRIGGERSEP network has been certified by the French Clinical Research Infrastructure F-CRIN in 2013.

CRICS-TRIGGERSEP « Clinical Research in Intensive Care and Sepsis - TRIal Group for Global Evaluation and Research in SEPsis »